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December 2009

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Danil Returns to the Maiden's Folly

01 6*Danil wanders down a familiar street and pushes open the familiar door to the Maiden's folly once more, where he has frequented most nights for the past half year.
06* ||| The pretty redheaded barmaid will have a drink for him - his usual. And if he's a regular paying type, he even has a tab.
01 6*Danil definitely pays regularly, and from the way he drinks he is doing better than common laborers do, as well. he doesnt just sit and drink at that tavern, he does business. serious business. "Thank you my dear."
<|||> "My pleasure, Sir. Let me know if you require anything further."
01 (Requiem)
06* ||| thank you ^_^
01 6*Danil "If you got any a that lamb stew you had a couple a nights back, I could fancy some a that, or a piece of pork."
<|||> "Will do." 6She smiles and slinks her way to the kitchen. Always very nice to the paying customers.
<|`> 6Kaji headed inside the place, folding her wings down to a more managable size as she took off a large sun hat. Fair skin came with the shock red hair, pretty, but a job in itself to take care of. A seat was quickly found and slouched down in to. Traveling was exhausting.
01 6*Danil notices any demon who enters the tavern, but this one makes him look twice and then choke on his beer. "Well of all the fang-toothed tyrants to walk in to this tavern it had to be Kaji Kuja of Kujaville."
06* ||| Requiem brings out Danil's food, and drops a curtsey in Kaji's direction. 1"Welcome to the Maiden's Folly, Sir. Can I get you anything?"
<|`> 6No doubt she was getting some looks, some favorable, some not so much. She looked wide eyed for a moment as she got a load of Dnil, but her expression quickly smoothed it self in to a smirk. "My my my. Are you wearing anything red under those trousers?" She looks yo the girl, giving a nod. "Yeah, whatever he's having, please. I trust him."
01 6*Danil "Ale and stew Princess Kuja, just ale and stew. What would one of you high and mighty's be doing on this side of the world. Your brother get dumped out of the Elder Council?" He picks up his bowl and glass and wanders over with a questioning look as to whether he could join her.
06* ||| Requiem looks amused. 1"Very well then." 6And off she goes to fetch said ale and stew. They don't usually have any trouble with demons paying up, so she doesn't raise a fuss about seeing coin first.
<|`> 6Kaji motioned to a chair, kicking it out a bit invitingly. "No, quite the opposite really. You would be proud, he'd pulling for the civilization to actually move forward. It's cause quite a split."
01 6*Danil "If it means full rights for humans I'm all for it, Princess." He takes the offered seat. "In the meantime, till it happens, I'll stay right here in Babylon as a free man."
06* ^ a group argues on the front porch of the in, very quietly - and most of the words seem to be gibberish anyway. but after a moment, most of the group moves away and a redheaded man enters and heads for the bar.
<|`> 6Kaji glanced over, but one couldn't really tell if it was because of the red hair or the arguing. "Come now, dear Danil, we weren't all so terrible. As for this town...well, at least I'm used to seeing not demons in power. It severely disturbs my father."
06* ^ Very long dark red hair, fair skin and bright bluegreen eyes.
01 6*Danil gives a polite nod to the newcomer. "Old Keo is just going to have to get with the times... this may be the only truly free port but look at what it does for commerce." He takes a sip of his stew. Damn the food is good here.
06* ||| Requiem has a very good business relationship with most of the food vendors around, so yes, the food is excellent. Always a little fresher, a little brighter, than anywhere else.
06* ^ the redhead smiles sweetly but there is a flicker in reality briefly of sharp, sharp teeth and bright phosphorous green eyes - but maybe it was a lamp flare or something he seems perfectly normal.
<|`> 6Kaji chuckles a bit, having a taste of the stew before decided she liked it and having a few larger spoonfuls. "Keo is fine, it is Kontero I'd be worried about. Anyways, I really pleased to see you doing well."
<^> Who's a guy gotta kill for service around here? ::light, amused voice, teasing.::
<|||> "We've already filled our assassination quota this eve, sir, so you're in luck. What can I get for you?"
01 6*Danil is a little alarmed by the appearance of the redheaded stranger. A Kuja he doesn't know, perhaps? He turns back to Kaji. "Oh... Kontero! And here I thought Keo Kuja was your father...! " he chuckles.
06* ||| so many redheads in one room. shocking.
01 6*Danil is just a plain old brunette.
<|`> 6Kaji flushed deeply, looking almost appauled at such an idea. "Certainly not. Keo may be the oldest of my brothers, but he's not that old. Be happy you've never met my father." She looked over at the other redhead, shaking her head a bit. "Outspoken advertising."
<^> Amaretto - if you've got it, over ice. if you dont' have any of that, screw it, i'll have a beer.
01 6*Danil holds up his glass. "Try the ale, friend, and the stew is excellent."
<|||> "Heh, you're the second person in a week to ask after that." 6She smiles faintly and drifts back to the bar to get said amaretto, and some very neat, perfectly symetrical icecubes.
<^> food, no stomach for it right now. Just ate.
01 6*Danil "All the more for me then." He rises and extends a hand to the redhead. "Danil's the name," he smiles, revealing the small fangs of a half-demon very briefly. "And this is Princess Kaji Kuja of Kujaville, my former mistress."
<|`> 6Kaji rolled her eyes, leaning back in her chair as she took a long sip of the ale. "Not a princess, and the town does have a real name, you know."
06* ^ the Redhead hesitated half a heartbeat and then turned and took the other man's hand and placed his opposite hand on top of both, then shook Danil's hand, once, twice, release and withdraw.
<^> I am the Onza.
01 6*Danil is mystified by the strange handshake, but takes it in stride. "Honored. " He turns to Kaji. "You mean it ISN't Kujaville?'
<|`> 6Kaji doesn't seem to notice the oddness and just laughs. "No, it's not. ...Well, perhaps to you, I suppose it is..."
01 6*Danil "So what brings you to the Folly then, Onza..." leaving off the 'the'. Haven't seen you in here before and I've been coming in pretty regular since winter."
06* ||| Requiem returns with the amaretto, and hands it over to Onza with a little curtsey
06* ^ Onza puts a large shiney opalescent coin down for Requiem
<|||> "Oh how pretty... would you like a tab, Sir?"
<^> I needed something to get the bad taste out of our mouth from the last job we were doing.
<|`> 6Kaji looks slightly worried at this, looking to Danil. "Do they have a different currency here?"
<^> sure. ::winks at her.::
06* ||| Requiem blushes faintly, but goes to set up the tab. 1"Not many gentlemen order that. But you seem nice enough."
01 6*Danil is slightly taken aback that this Onza guy ignored his question, and retreats, sitting back down again and look at Kaji. "They take gold and silver I know. I don't know what that coin is, maybe it is from another part of the world."
06* ^ he didnt' ignore it. he answered it.
06* ^ to wit: I needed something to get the bad taste out of our mouth from the last job we were doing.
01 6 ahhh, thought he was talking to the barmaid!
<|`> 6Kaji settles in with her drink, her stew now done. "This town is a welcome change of pace from stogey kujaville."
01 6*Danil 'So what kind of... business do you do, Onza? I am in... hard goods." he chuckles as if he had made a private joke.
<|`> 6Kaji dipped her fingertips in her ale, flicking droplets at Danil. "You stop that."
01 6*Danil "what'd I say?"
06* ||| Requiem keeps drinks topped off as needed, and will bring seconds if asked. It's a pretty quiet eve at the tavern - summer's heat means a lot of the usual ruckus dies down til it's very dark out.
<^> Necromancy.
01 6*Danil "Oh my. Then you don't use many traditional... weapons I would imagine."
<|`> 6Kaji looked fairly curious at that. "Do you specialize in bringing them back and putting them down?"
<^> I'm just working for the man.
<^> but he does both.
<^> the Hyena does most of the putting down. I'm the social one.
<|`> 6Kaji raised a brow as she looked him over. "Is everyone in your group a 'the'?"
01 6*Danil bristles. He never cared much for magic of any kind. "Well if you know anyone who... needs some high quality steel... someone who isn't dead that is..."
<^> yeah, i suppose so. and we're out of luck, i guess. ::grins:; we're all dead.
01 6*Danil "What a shame..." no new sales prospects today.
<^> well, were. but you know... you work for a necromancer, sometimes that shit happens.
<|`> 6Kaji reaches over, giving Danil's arm a few comforting pats. "Don't fluff your fur all up, dearest, I think necromancyis a fascinating subject. Had a brother who tried it once, but my father made him stop when the cat he brought back attacked poor Ky's head, another brother tried to light it on fire to get it off, his hair looked spectacularly awful for a few months."
01 6*Danil "Raising the dead is not my favorite topic I'm afraid."
<^> i'm not particularly fond of it either, sport.
<|`> 6Kaji "Then why work for a man who does it?"
01 6*Danil "Excellent question, Princess." He swills down more ale... the hell with sobriety.
<^> because he's a necromancer.
<^> and I belong to him.
01 6*Danil hisses with disapproval. He had been owned - once. By Kaji. "This is a free city though. Can't you break free?"
<|`> 6Kaji ahs.
<^> no. dude. he's a *necromancer*.
01 6*Danil looks from one to the other. "So he'd... what... deaniminate you?"
<^> specifically a Demonoligist.
<^> I just can't disobey him.
<|`> 6Wait, wait now, rewind. "Demonligist?"
06* ||| Actually... this is a city where anyone and anything can, and is enslaved, depending upon the circumstances. Just like anyone, and anything can be free. It's all status here, no racial/breed/etc. caste system.
06* ||| Case in point, a very beautiful young man with hair the color of frost and eyes like clear blue water, wanders in looking rather sulky.
06* ||| His skin is very pale, completely flawless, and his ears are just ever so faintly pointed. Delicate clothing in pale cream with little gold designs on the cloth and...
01 6*Danil has the idea that if the demons aren't in charge of everything, somehow that computes as freedom.
<^> a Demon-ologist
06* ||| a perfectly matched set of slave bracelets on either arm. He talks to Requiem for a bit, rather boredly.
06* ^ Onza's eyes flicker over to the young man and then back to his drink.
01 6*Danil "So what can a demon Ologist do that say your average necromancer can't do?"
<^> you know. bind demons.
01 6*Danil "Well couldn't you hire some other demon Ologist to say... unbind you?"
<^> Angels, demons, devils, dark spirits...
<^> well, taht would be disobeying him, wouldn't it?
01 6*Danil shrugs. "I suppose so. Unless somebody owed you a favor."
<^> besides, i *wasn't* a demon.
<^> no, even if they owed me a favor, it would be disobeying.
<|`> 6Kaji looked over, frowning slightly as she seemed to ponder something. "Ten to one says gold speaks louder than any favor to your master."
<^> if you find a free coupon for icecream and your mama said 'you cant' have icecream' you can't use the coupon.
06* ||| Very pretty young man indeed. Currently giving Requiem a longsuffering look as she explains that no, she can't fulfill an order without the seal of the young man's owner. They've had this discussion before.
01 6*Danil notices that the pretty boy is being denied service. "Can't someone buy the kid a drink or at least a bowl of stew?"
06* ^ Onza peers at Requiem and the young man, one long pointed ear appearing from beneath the waves of red hair briefly. then, zoop, vanishes again.
<|`> 6Kaji frowns as she takes out a pouch, digging through various coinage before taking out a thick gold coin. "Was easier just yelling at a purse..." She mutters to herself. "Do they take this here?"
<|||> "You can buy him whatever you like - just watch you don't let him get you into trouble." 6Mildly.
06* ||| The young man lowers his eyelashes, to cover an exasperated sigh.
01 6*Danil "Well then I can pay for him, get him an ale and a bowl of stew if he wants a bite to eat." The slave bracelets disturb him.
<^> Trouble? oooo. ::passes the Amaretto down to the pretty boy.:: I'll buy some.
06* ||| The bracelets are pretty too - armbands with gold and little filigree designs. The boy grins at the hospitality and takes his food right on over like he was invited.
01 6*Danil "I don't favor boys myself, I think I'm safe."
<|||> "You're all generous sorts - that's a rare thing."
<|`> 6Kaji follows Danil's line of sight to the bracelets, then looks back to him. "Speaking of that sort of thing, I need your help with something. You know this town well enough, right?"
01 6*Danil "Sure... at least the waterfront and the vendors here. I stay away from the Council chambers and the upper classes though... your sort of people, Princess. What's the matter, lose your human pet again?"
06* ||| Requiem shakes her head. 1"Lithos, you get any of my customers in trouble and I'll feed you to a grue." 6But it's only mild reproof. Lithos grins at her winningly and has his stew. And sips Amaretto, too. Mmm.
<^> Grue! I love Grue! its chewy and crunchy.
<|||> "We have one in the cellar. Guards the place after dark when we're closed. Haven't found a burglar yet... a few bags occasionally... but never the thief himself."
<|`> 6Kaji "You were my last, my dear Danil, although I did lose you, I suppose. But I find I am in need of an assistant. People on the outstirts don't tend to trust me, go figure. And since I know freedom is one of your passions, I thought you might help me find an appropiate slave to release and train."
<^> they are delicious.
<^> what now? ::turns back to Kaji:: Isn't that backwards?
01 6*Danil scowls with suspicion. " What do you want a slave for... and what are you training him for?"
06* ||| Lithos doesn't say anything, just watches the group from underneath eyelashes as icy white as his hair.
<|`> 6Kaji "No, not at all. And I don't want a slave, I want an assistant. Having a male companion with me that I know I can trust that's not secretly reporting back to Keo is something that would be extremely useful to me."
01 6*Danil is confused. But you just said... you wanted a slave."
<|`> 6Kaji "Getting someone out of the slave markets forever and freeing them is a perk to the plan. I want to purchase a slave, set them free and give them a job."
01 6*Danil peers closely at her. "Just... any old slave? Human, elf, what?"
06* ||| Lithos eats his food very carefully, and only occasionally licks his fingers when he thinks no one is looking.
<|`> 6"Whoever you think would be best suited and most deserving." She peers down in to her mug, putting it on the edge of the table for a refill.
01 6*Danil jerks a thumb at Lithos. "What about that one - he's pretty enough, young enough, eats well, looks healthy. Maybe he's for sale."
06* ||| Requiem drifts past and refills it. Lithos steadily sips at the amaretto, and occasionally glances at Requiem as if she's going to take it away.
<|||> "Forgive me for speaking out of turn, sir, but I'd not wish you ill after feeding me - my master doesn't sell his slaves."
<|`> 6Kaji sighs a bit. "Pity, you're awful pretty. But it looks like your master likes you quite a bit, from the look of those bracelets, I wasn't too hopeful."
01 6*Danil "It was an idea. I didn't want you to feel left out of the running. One could do worse than be bought by Princess Kuja. Her family is very important."
<|||> "Like isn't the word, Miss."
<|||> "Besides, I'm a terrible slave, confidentially speaking." 6He polishes off his stew.
<|`> 6Kaji "What is the word then?"
<|||> "I think I'm an affront to his finer sensibilities, seeing as I don't obey." 6He smiles sweetly, and has some more amaretto.
01 6*Danil "So we could offer him a deal, take you off his hands,tell him we'll reform you."
<|`> 6Kaji chuckles a bit, liking him already. "You naughty little monkey."
06* ^ Onza asks the tender for another glass and a bottle.
<|||> "Monkey's have tails, but I'll not argue the rest, Miss. He'll not let me go, be the first slave he's ever let go. The Archers are keen on retaining property."
06* ||| Requiem brings Onza both glass and bottle, though she does glance at Lithos again. She worries about that boy - he's going to get someone killed someday. Maybe himself, maybe someone else.
01 6*Danil "Why does he keep you then? Certainly he would accept a good price."
<|||> "You'd have to ask him that, yourself. I can think of a lot of reasons, but mostly, it's just because he's many things I can't call him out loud or my bracelets will smite me good." 6Shameless.
<|`> 6Kaji "Stubbornness, most likely. That, with owners and slaves, I am well acquainted with."
01 6*Danil shrugs. "So much for making an easy acquisition at dinner time. I can go down the slave market tomorrow and find someone a little less... encumbered. What's in it for me, Princess?"
<|||> "... are you really going to let the poor bastard you pick free?"
01 6*Danil "She said so didn't she?"
<|`> 6Kaji "A sense of well being not enough for you? And yes, I am. I let this one free, after all." A nod towards Danil.
<|||> "... might know someone you can get then. Over at the workhouse."
01 6*Danil "Hold on now, she asked me to find someone for her. And the workhouse may not be the best place...." he fixes an eye on Kaji. "I was thinking more along the lines of a few pieces of gold."
<|||> "Suit yourself. Workhouse is a slave market too - get plenty of nobles and merchant's sons who fall on hard times or just want to cast off an inconvenient kid."
<|`> 6Kaji gave a shrug as she picked up her drink once again. "All right, a price can be settled. And why is a workhouse no good?"
<|||> "Only most of them can read and write."
01 6*Danil "the ones they send down to work on the ships are all skin and bones."
<|`> 6Kaji "They can be fattened up."
<|||> "I know a couple of pretty ones that they don't put to the hard work."
<|`> 6Kaji "I take it they give them another sort of work to do?"
01 6*Danil chuckles nastily. "Yeah, like what I used to do for you, Princess."
<^> ... ::looks at Danil and then away again, sipping his drink.::
<|||> "Actually... they keep them in the library - the underground part. Some things only virgins can do, after all."
01 6*Danil "Which is worse, being a slave whore or being a necromancer, Onza?"
<^> A slave whore can die someday and escape.
<^> necromancy is forever.
01 6*Danil "Or get freed by a Kuja princess," he chuckles. "I'm sorry to hear you didn't fare as well as I."
<^> and i'm not a necromancer. i work for one.
<^> you have no idea, boy. ::curls his lip faintly.::
<|`> 6Kaji frowned at that, looking slightly disturbed. bleh... "I had not thought of it that way."
<|||> "Best not to think of it at all."
<^> well, better the necromancer than the sorcerers before him, really. ::shrug::
06* ||| He touches one of his bracelets and then stands up abruptly, and a little tipsily. 1"Sorry to eat and run, kind masters and mistress, but I should get going before they send someone after me again."
01 6*Danil "Thanks for the tip on the workhouse, good luck with your... master."
<^> what, you're not working us? I'm feeling worked.
<|`> 6Kaji "Certianly can't have that. Scoot then."
01 6*Danil is mystified. "Working us? Whatever do you mean, Onza?"
<|||> "Oh any time." 6He beams at them all, and then winks at Onza. 1"I'd not work you, Mister. Now for another bottle... well, one must stay warm at night."
<^> I'm always warm except when i'm not.
<|`> 6Kaji "Weasely monkey." She comments before looking back to Danil. "So we will go tomorrow and you shall pick the proper one out for me."
<|||> "Ah but a bottle is never so fickle." 6He laughs a little, bows very gracefully, and then slips out the door before his bracelets really start paining him.
01 6*Danil "I have to bring you along? Oh, so you can approve the purchase of course..." he sighs. He had wanted to take her money and do it on his own.
<|`> 6Kaji "Well you can't just take my money and run, I want to see what I'm buying before I get it. Slaves can get very expensive, anyways."
01 6*Danil chuckled again. "The best costs money. How much did you pay for me, Princess? And... wasn't I worth every gold sovereign?"
<|`> 6Kaji "I didn't pay anything for you, so yes, I suppose you were."
01 6*Danil "Oh yes, I must have been your birthday gift. Silly of me. If you meet me here when the Folly opens tomorrow we can go down together. After I have another bowl of that excellent stew."
<|`> 6Kaji gives a nod. "Of course. Sounds perfect. And you were a lovely birthday gift."
01 6*Danil puts some silver coins on the table to pay up his tab, and pulls his cloak around his shoulders. "Till we meet again, Mr. Onza. Princess." He bows politely.
06* ||| Requiem will bid him a pleasant night.
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