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December 2009

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aionwatha in worldodemons

The log with Ky that's been requested...

[04:25] z: And here come the kids. Little Ian in the lead, one fist full of colored pencils, following the Dark Haired Lady back into the compound, he has already commandeered four or five of his favorite colors and a drawing pad.
[04:31] * ^ a man on a horse is working his way through the forest here. tall and slim. dark broad brimmed hat. dark cloak. very fair skin. waves and waves of very dark red hair in a loose french braid.
[04:32] z: *Melksham is lurking on the edges of the mass of children, not so much supervising as guarding them from potential overeducation. Or - maybe he's just hiding from the jaguars in the trees.
[04:35] * `^`` Tracey spots the man, and zips straight to Melksham. "Melksham, Mr.! There's a guy I never seen." She always sounds the alarms first when she sees strange new people.
[04:37] z: Ian drops several pencils. "Let's fight!" he cries, forgetting his aspirations to artwork. "Let's not," Melksham says, and edges toward the gate of their enclosure. He is armed, but a sheathe knife isnt much of a weapon.
[04:39] * `^`` Tracey grabs Ian around the wrist, "Let's go find Miss Shart!" No offense to Melksham, but she feels much safer hiding with Shart.
[04:40] z: Ian shrugs. "Whatever. Nothing fun ever happens around her though."
[04:41] `^``: I like it like that.
[04:42] * ^ the man doesn't even look at them, he is picking a path for his horse, guiding it through the treacherous roots and leaf litter.
[04:42] z: he shrugs again and follows her, Nigel tagging along behind, trailing little scraps of construction paper like breadcrumbs. Melksham cowers by the gate, wondering where Raphael is.
[04:44] * ^ that would be the question, would it not?
[04:44] * ^ Raphael is nowhere in sight.
[04:45] z: *Melksham "Um.... hello?" he says timidly, not knowing whether the red-haired man can hear him. He was sort of hoping it was a friend of the other men. But sorta... well... he isn't going to go there.
[04:48] * ^ the man looks at Melksham a little offhandedly, stopping his horse.
[04:48] z: *Melksham "Are you... looking for... something?" there is something oddly pleading in his manner.
[04:49] * ^ the horse is a very strange looking creature up close. cloven hooves. red eyes that glow like coals. long mane and tail that look more like they belong on a woman, the hair fine and silky.
[04:49] * `^`` Eli creeps up from his usual place by the water, to see what's going on. And to stare a bit at that horse.
[04:50] * ^ the man, up close, is quite young - no more than 18. pale, pale skin. silvery violet eyes. He's stunningly beautiful, almost creepily so.
[04:50] z: *Melksham notices. But the peculiarities of the horse escape his attention, something about those violet eyes captivates him.
[04:50] * ^ he has so many weapons, small, subtle weapons for the most part, though he has a very large sword, slightly curved.
[04:52] z: *Melksham "Are you... lost?"
[04:54] ^: no. Are you?
[04:56] `^``: Just passing through?
[04:56] * `^`` Eli can't imagine someone like that wanting to stay somewhere like this.
[04:56] z: *Melksham "I... I um... no. This is my home. This is a refugee settlement for ... the humans. I am Melksham. This is Eli."
[04:59] ^: there is a bounty for humans without demon masters this close to the Kuja Territories. who is your master?
[05:00] z: *Melksham "Oh dear gods," he whispers, half to himself, half in prayer. "We are free men!" he declares, his voice trembling. He feels like he is about to wet himself. "We are all of us free."
[05:01] ^: that is most unfortunate. Have you no demon to speak for you, then?
[05:02] z: *Melksham grips his knife. "I need no demon to speak for me. IF you are here to take any of us you will have a fight."
[05:03] ^: are you challenging me? ::his far too perfect face does not change, but there is amusement in his voice.
[05:03] * `^`` Eli looks wide eyed, but stands right beside Melksham. "You challenged him."
[05:03] z: *Melksham "IF you do not enter here I have no quarrel with you, sir. I thought you were a refugee seeking shelter."
[05:04] ^: I am not human.
[05:04] * ^ the man takes off his hat - peeking out of his hair are delicate, very pointed ears.
[05:05] ^: I have not challenged anyone here. Or there would be blood already.
[05:05] z: *Melksham stammers, staring at the pointed ears. "I ... did not know... I am sorry... my lord..." all at once, obsequious. "You are... a fairy then?"
[05:06] *** |` has joined #demonworld.
[05:07] ^: No. My mother was human. My father was of supernatural mien.
[05:09] * `^`` Eli frowns at Melksham. What a pansy.
[05:10] `^``: What are you looking for, if not shelter or a challenge?
[05:13] ^: I never said i was not looking for shelter.
[05:13] z: *Melksham is just fascinated by those beautiful eyes... somehow his fear is outweighed by a strange fascination.
[05:14] ^: However, taking shelter with humans who are unprotected by any supernatural agent would be inadvisable.
[05:14] z: *Melksham gulps. "But we are not -- unprotected..." he stammers.
[05:15] * ||| Lucifer springs up from the shadow of a tree. "Not unprotected, actually. As the good fellow here...said." He tilts his head at the man.
[05:15] * ||| Lucifer looks to be in his middle to late 20s today, versus the perhaps 16 he was when Melksham saw him.
[05:15] * ^ the man raises his eyes slowly from Melksham and Eli to Lucifer.
[05:16] * `^`` Eli grins at Lucifer. "Wow, happy to see you..."
[05:16] ^: they have lead me to believe differently.
[05:16] `^``: Just cause he said we ain't owned.
[05:17] ^: You speak for them, then, Lord Bloodstorm?
[05:17] z: *Melksham "We do not -- belong... to any - demon..." he stammers again, then looks more closely at Lucifer. Yeah - damn, he looks different.
[05:18] |||: "Ah, I see." To Eli. "I do not speak for them, no. But you may call me a... potentially interested party. No need to bandy about titles in this instance, however."
[05:18] * ||| Lucifer is a damned sight taller this way, lithe and with longer hair - same finery, only less... safe looking somehow. Same wickedly polite mannerisms though. And he's watching that man very... closely.
[05:21] ^: there is belonging and belonging. i asked for a master. I asked for one to speak for the humans. I was told there was no one. this man puts his hand on a weapon before me, yet i stay my hand.
[05:22] |||: "They are understandably wary... sir. You know my name and yet I do not believe we've been properly introduced."
[05:22] z: *Melksham "Bloodstorm?" he murmurs. That's a pretty ominous moniker.
[05:23] |`: Ky sauntered in to his family home, all luggauge left behind at the door for somebody else to deal with. He headed right up to the highest floor, shoving the doors open and stepping out on to a balcony, taking in a deep breath as he looked out over the world. Good gods, life was so good here he could -taste- it.
[05:27] ^: I am called Heleyl ben Shachar. Shachar, most often.
[05:28] z: reasons to himself, but he is half human. Half is half.
[05:28] z: Melky does that is
[05:29] |||: "Shachar. I see." Thoughtful.
[05:30] |||: "I am quite intrigued to meet you, Heleyl ben Shachar. May I ask why you have come here? It is not a well traveled road."
[05:30] z: *Melksham "It isnt a road at all!" he squeaks.
[05:32] * ||| Lucifer shhs Melsham a little. And... offers his hand to Shachar. A sign of trust, really.
[05:32] * |` dropped off his new toy and headed back out alone, right off of the same balcony. Some hours later he was gliding peacefully over the woods, surprised to see some signs of life below him. With nothing better to do, he shrugs and heads down to investigate.
[05:33] * ^ Shachar swings gracefully off his horse and takes Lucifer's hand.
[05:33] * `^`` Eli pats Melksham on the shoulder, gently, trying to be comforting.
[05:33] ^: there are bounties being offered. there are contracts to be had. I am scoutting the territory.
[05:34] * ||| Lucifer pulls Shachar into one of those manly warrior-to-warrior one armed hug deals. Still holding his hand between them. "Ah. Then it may be time to move sooner than expected. If you have come, others will follow."
[05:35] z: *Melksham shrugs him off, a little resentful. He feels like he is being outmanned. Nobody needs him anymore... he backs away to go in search of the children.
[05:35] * ^ Melksham almost trips over the tawny wildcat he knows is Raphael's catform. standing very still, it was right behind him.
[05:36] z: whooops!
[05:38] * `^`` Despite being shrugged off, Eli catches Melksham's arm when he stumbles. Hey, he's a gentleman. He lets him go as soon as he's steady though, not wanting him to get the wrong idea. Hmph.
[05:39] |`: Ky landed a small distance away, walking through the woods quietly towards the voices. A few low branches were pushed out of the way, red eyes looking over the group curiously. Hm. The one tripping over himself might not be so bad.
[05:41] * ||| Ky, depending on how sensitive he is to such things, might feel himself being watched.
[05:46] ^: humans cannot hide a settlement without magic.
[05:47] z: *Melksham does sense something however, and as soon as Eli touches him, something odd happens and he seems to fade into the color of the surrounding greenery.
[05:48] |||: "The magic that the provincial demons use does not work here. It's about as close to neutral ground as one can get."
[05:50] ^: I sense there are demons about.
[05:51] |||: "They have procured rather... interesting guardians. I doubt you'd recall Bois...?"
[05:51] `^``: Melksham..?
[05:52] z: *Melksham "Good gods preserve us!" he whispers, dropping to his knees... and without magic he would be quite difficult to pick out from the surrounding color of the shrubs and earth beneath him. But he himself doesn't notice his camouflage-effect.
[05:52] ^: yes.
[05:52] |`: If he did feel it, he didn't appear to be overly concerned about it. Cute little houses, though. He shook his hand as if it had fallen asleep, frowning at the feeling. He looks back again, frowning. Great, where had the clumsy one gone?
[05:53] * ||| Lucifer smiles. "He is gifting them with his presence at the moment... " He blinks, looks over at where Melksham's voice came from. "... interesting."
[05:54] * ^ the wildcat is gone again.
[05:54] * `^`` Eli can't really see him, he's somewhat alarmed, "Melksham!" That just doesn't look good...
[05:54] * ||| Then Lucifer remembers his manners and lets go of Shachar, though he was hardly lewd in his holding on. Just as though he'd... forgotten himself, perhaps.
[05:54] |||: "He's still with us, Eli. Relax and be still a moment, if you would."
[05:56] z: *Melksham "Who is with us?" He looks up, and doesn't see anyone missing except... the big cat.
[05:57] |||: "Shhh." He holds out a perfectly manicured hand, and tilts his head. Listening.
[05:58] * ^ Shachar's nostrils flare delicately.
[05:58] z: *Melksham "What demons?" he whispers
[05:59] |||: "We have a guest." Softly.
[06:02] * |` moved over the palisade with barely a hop, looking perfectly relaxed despite his personal lack of magic. Magic was not the only power in the world, after all. He gave a look over the little village, head canted ot the side. "Cute."
[06:02] * `^`` Eli nods and goes quiet, still staring where Melksham was.
[06:03] * ^ shimmer of heat lightning near where
[06:04] * ||| Lucifer looks to Eli and nods very faintly at the spot where Melksham still is.
[06:04] * ^ shimmer of heat lightning near where |`landed was the only warning |`got.
[06:04] z: *Melksham stares at Ky, recognizing the signature red hair. "Kuja..." he squeaks.
[06:05] * ||| Lucifer smiles. "Nothing to worry about."
[06:05] * ^ Raphael - a tall, lean blond man - launches himself at Ky, a short but razorsharp knife in his off hand, other hand reaching to grab for Ky's throat.
[06:07] |`: That squeaky little voice again, where was it-drat. Ky quickly shoves off the ground, extending his wings to just make a prolonged jump to the side, smiling as he held up both hands. "Come now, what have I done to deserve such a welcome?"
[06:09] |||: "Unannounced visitors do tend to make Raphael rather cranky still, I'm afraid." Quietly, as an aside to Shachar.
[06:11] * ||| Ky, if he doesn't stop drifting, will bump right into Savonne, who appears to simply be hovering there in midair. Tall, bronze skin, eyes like liquid gold, long black hair pulled into a neat, almost severe braid. Full lips, almost like a woman, but the set of his face is definitely masculine. "State your business."
[06:12] * ^ Raphael was right after Ky - seeming to float like he was full of helium rather htan heavy as a man should be, but when Savonne appears, he stops, falling into a crouch, the hand with the knife held up and back, bright eyes fixed on Ky.
[06:13] z: *Melksham begins to pray, right there on the ground, invisible to all but the most careful attention. It appears he has naturally-occurring invisibility. Go figure.
[06:16] |`: Ky was back on the ground by now, on solid footing. He looked to the hovering one, smiling to him. "No business. Only curiousity at this little settlement." A brief pause. "You're very pretty. But the hair, too constained..." Said in a simple off-handed sort of way.
[06:17] * `^`` Eli stays standing where Melksham disappeared. Sam appears momentarily, called by some sixth sense, then slips away to try and find the children.
[06:18] |||: "Those of the Kuja clan are not welcome here, not even for curiousity's sake." Said in a perfectly neutral fashion. He seems to have all the emotional range of a very intriguing pile of sand.
[06:19] * ^ Raphael doesn't move at all.
[06:20] ^: I hope there is no violence. I will be dissappointed i did not get to contribute.
[06:20] z: Blissfully ignorant of more demonic goings-on, Shart is leading the kids on a Wild Snark hunt, though none of them could enunciate exactly what a wild snark is, but it involves a great deal of splashing around in the brook.
[06:21] * ||| The Dark Haired Woman is with them.
[06:21] * ||| she doesn't seem to mind splashing.
[06:22] * `^`` Sam rushes down, looking quite worried. She doesn't want to alarm the children, so she gestures for Shart to come a little closer, "Liliana, can I have a quick word?"
[06:23] z: *Shart sighs at the name. "Sure, Samanthalina." she squeezes some water out of her impossibly long blond tresses.
[06:24] * ||| The dark haired woman will keep an eye on the kids.
[06:24] |`: "Why not? Don't you want to show off your little safe city?" He slowly wanders over towards the space Melksham was in, hovering a hand over the spot oddly.
[06:25] * ||| Savonne won't let him go any closer. He moves in front of him, never actually touching the ground. "If you do not go back, my companion will kill you."
[06:26] * `^`` Eli stands beside Melksham, muttering at him to shhhh if he's still praying.
[06:26] z: *Melksham whispers even more softly... "please dont let them take me."
[06:27] * ||| Lucifer is still standing there. Waiting, it seems.
[06:28] * ||| companions*
[06:29] * `^`` Sam backs away from the kids a little and reaches up to balance a hand on Shart's shoulder so she can tiptoe high enough to whisper to her, "Looks like trouble in the camp, dunno for sure, think it's a demon.. might wanna... hide the kids?" That's always her number one concern.
[06:29] ^: I do not sense any other demons coming. Scout or tourist is my guess.
[06:30] z: *Shart "Um... yeah. right. Say, Ian, I think the Snark went this way..." and leads them into a small but densely forested cove. She seems completely calm and at ease - a hunter on the prowl, perhaps.
[06:30] |`: "I rather doubt that." But since his path was blocked to Melksham, he turned his attention to Lucifer instead. "I'm curious, how much did they manage to scrounge up to pay you?"
[06:31] * ||| the dark haired woman is following the children. Ian probably knows her name is Ariel, if he's asked.
[06:31] |||: "Curiousity is a splendid thing. Never lose it, child." He simply smiles at Ky.
[06:31] z: "It's dark in there, I'm scared," he says, looking up to the woman. He seems to trust her more than he trusts the more crudely mannered Shart.
[06:32] |||: "You do not need to be afraid. All things make their beginning in darkness. And I will hold your hand."
[06:34] |||: "If you wish to talk, I suggest you depart this area entirely. The young man was not kidding - you are rather outclassed here, despite your rank in other places."
[06:35] z: Eli takes her hand. Shart leads them under thick underbrush where she cant stand straight but smaller adults and the children would be comfortable. Very few people would detect them here, and it is very dim, but not quite lightless.
[06:36] |`: A dull expression comes to his face at that. He was hardly a child. "And yet I fail to be afraid. But you have little to fear from me, I do not want to overtake your little town or grab a meal from your children."
[06:36] * ^ Raphael is still on point, waiting for some cue.
[06:36] * ||| Ariel is utterly fearless, despite looking somewhat like a dark haired barbie, only with reasonable breast size.
[06:37] * ^ Shachar looks away, smiling faintly.
[06:37] * `^`` Sam's prepared to make the whole thing disappear if she has to. But she's not got much magic to waste and doesn't really want to knock herself out when all's quiet.
[06:38] |||: "I made no attempt to frighten you, young one. And you may rest assured, I am not in the least afraid of you." The smile remains. "My prior comment stands, however. If you wish to speak, I would suggest you do it outside this place."
[06:38] * ||| Savonne seems to be waiting. Perfectly impassive.
[06:41] |`: Ky looked a bit put off at first, but then he smiles and shrugs. "Very well." He digs in a pocket and takes out a seal threaded on to a red ribbon, setting it to the side in plain view. "Than I invite you to come and speak with me, at my home, since your's seems unacceptable."
[06:42] *** z has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).
[06:42] |||: "I'd be flattered, except I cannot imagine what we would converse about, you and I." He's amused. "Is it so insulting a thing, to take conversation outside of these boundaries?"
[06:42] ^: ... his home...? ::blinks at Lucifer.::
[06:43] *** z has joined #demonworld.
[06:45] * ||| Lucifer just chuckles, and looks to Shachar.
[06:45] |`: "I can think of several things to discuss. But I only wish for us to be in comfortable surroundings when we do speak, and since I am not welcome here, I welcome you there." He smiles then. "I am sure my elder brother would enjoy meeting you."
[06:46] |||: "I'm afraid I do not share your affinity for idle conversation then, young one. And comfort is of little concern to one such as I."
[06:47] ^: If i may speak.
[06:47] |||: "Please."
[06:48] * ||| He nods to Shachar, as though granting audience.
[06:48] *** z has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).
[06:49] ^: This is lord lucifer. He is not a diplomat, he is a warrior.
[06:51] ^: I do not wish to impune his patience or understanding, but if you wish to speak to someone, he is probably not your best choice. If you could specify as to what exactly it is you wish to speak upon, perhaps there is someone else who can be more diplomatic and focus towards peaceful relations, not combat.
[06:54] |`: Ky only smirks slightly. "Funny, he speaks much like a diplomat. Never actually agreeing to anything." He leaves the seal, heading back towards the woods. "Still, I extend the invitation to him, and him alone. Be well, little village."
[06:55] |||: "He is too young to remember, Shachar. Let him act as he will." He smiles like he's indulging a willful child.
[06:56] ^: I am not in governorship of him in any way, sir. He will do as he will.
[07:01] |`: As if he needed permission to issue the invitation, he had offered no apparent ill will with it. If the words rubbed him the wrong way, he didn't show it, only disappearing back in to the woods.
[07:01] * ||| Savonne fades out into the shadows.
[07:03] * ^ Raphael flattens into a shadow and joins the other shadows.
[07:03] * ||| ... one of which swallows up the seal and ribbon.
[07:05] * ||| A little boy watches Ky from the woods outside the encampment.
[07:10] |`: Ky only wandered now, hands in his pockets, humming to himself as he went along. He did eventually pause by a batch of honeysuckle, biting off the ends of a few and sucking the innards out.
[07:11] |||: "Now. What were you saying about bounties, Shachar?"
[07:11] * ||| The little boy follows along. Peeking at Ky now and again.
[07:15] |`: Ky stops at a fallen tree nearby, plunking himself down on it as he sucks another flower dry, glancing over to where the boy was. "Following a demom around is not really a very smart thing to do, you know."
[07:16] ^: there are a great many bounties offered. the house of Zed seems to have a resentment for house Kuja. Humans are being targetted by several demon and vampire houses. there is a high bounty on supernaturals of all kinds by the human city at the river fork to the south.
[07:17] |||: "Are you going to eat me up then?" He peers at Ky from around a tree. Golden bronze skin, wavy dark hair, very dark eyes.
[07:18] |||: "Interesting. My last trip to the south was a rather intriguing one - though I had to cut it short. Have you decided whose bounties you will collect, if any?"
[07:20] |`: Ky seems to consider this for a moment, then shrugs. "No, I have already eaten today." He glances back the way he had just come, smiling slightly. "You are from that little village, yes?"
[07:20] |||: "I am staying there for a little while, but I am not from there. Where are you from?"
[07:22] |`: Ky "I am from a house several hours away." He waves the boy over with one hand, plucking a few more honeysuckle with the other. "Come, I promise not to eat you."
[07:23] ^: I've taken no money yet.
[07:24] * ||| The boy comes a little closer, but not quite close enough to snatch up. "I'm not very tender anyway. Are you Kuja? Or are you Zed? Or are you one of the Reeza?" Full of questions, this one.
[07:25] |||: "Do you think you will?"
[07:26] * ^ Shachar shrugs unknowingly.
[07:28] |||: "Fickle, are we?" He smiles.
[07:28] |`: Ky chews the next few flowers whole, giving a spike of his shock red hair a tug. "You see this? This means Kuja."
[07:29] |||: "The Reeza are shape shifters. They can look like any clan, even Kuja."
[07:30] ^: I have not been made an offer that i wished yet to take
[07:30] |||: "Perhaps I will have an offer for you then, in a few days."
[07:31] ^: indeed? I have heard you pay well. I do not take permanant contracts, however.
[07:32] |`: Ky snorts a bit. "Well I am no Reeza. Kuja through and through."
[07:33] |||: "I will make it worth your time, however temporary it may be."
[07:33] |||: "Will you tell the other Kuja we are here? They might come to eat us."
[07:33] * ||| he doesn't seem afraid of being eaten up though.
[07:35] |`: Ky "Then would not you be better off with less Kuja knowing you are here? But you shouldn't worry anyways, we have bigger things to worry about than your village."
[07:36] |||: "Like what?"
[07:36] ^: By all means, i will listen.
[07:37] * ||| Lucifer shall escort Shachar off to discuss things quietly.
[07:38] * ^ a small black kitten pounces the boy's ankle. gnaw.
[07:39] * ||| The Boy eeps and tips over slightly, then laughs. "You found me." ^-^
[07:39] ^: mew
[07:41] * ||| The boy picks the kitten up and scritches his ears. <3
[07:45] |`: Ky takes out a pipes and a small pouch, filling it carefully. "Who's that then?"
[07:46] |||: "This is Shade." He snuggles the kitten.
[07:51] * ^ the kitten mews. ^-^
[07:55] |`: Ky lights the pipe up with a snap of his fingers, glad he had enough magic for that. He steps closer, looking the animal over. "Smart little feline to find you all the way out here."
[07:57] * ^ its very orange eyes regard Ky solemnly
[07:58] |||: "He's very smart. We were playing. What else are the Kuja worried about though? Is there something that eats demons too?"
[08:01] |`: Ky shrugs. "There are things that can hurt us, yes. Mostly it is other houses that we are not especially found of."
[08:03] * ||| The boy peers up at Ky, tilting his head back a little. "All the houses, or just some of them?"
[08:11] |`: Ky "Just some. Some are our allies."
[08:12] |||: "How can you tell which are which?"
[08:14] |`: Ky shrugs. "Lots of different ways. Sometimes how they're dressed, or how they act. Once you get close enough, most houses will be quick to proclaim whether they like you or not."
[08:14] |||: "I'd want to know from far away."
[08:15] |||: "Will you teach me a little, for when I have to go away from here so that no one eats me up?"
[08:20] |`: Ky had to laugh a bit at that. "You are a bold little one. All right, come sit." He takes a small book out of his pocket, flicking it open. "Most demons will have flags or crests on their things when traveling. Each clan has their own colors and crest." He takes out another seal to show him. "Kuja colors are red and black."
[08:21] * ||| The boy skips over and sits down, holding the kitten in his lap. "Oh... that's pretty."
[08:22] ^: mew.
[08:27] |`: Ky opens the book to show him pictures, along which were several notes pretaining to each clan, lists of members, dates, marriages and such. "The dreadful little Zed are blue and hunter green. And the Reeza are gray and violet."
[08:28] |||: "Are they dreadful? What do they look like? No pretty red hair like you, I guess."
[08:33] |`: Ky beams at that, looking a bit proud. "Certainly not. No other clan has hair like we do. I suppose most of them have black hair. They are....well their noses are often very prominent."
[08:37] |||: "I suppose it would be dreadful then... bumping your nose on everything would make most beings very cross." He nods, obviously imagining a very large nose with a little black wig atop it, or something similar.
[08:44] |`: Ky chuckles at that, not having meant that large, but it was nice to think about. "Yes, I suppose it would."
[08:45] |||: "So why are you fighting with them? Did one of them sneeze on your king?"
[08:50] |`: Ky waves a hand dismissivly. "I'm not sure. Somebody killed somebody else years ago, and so we kept right on killing each other. I'm not sure, I'm sure my eldest brother knows."
[08:51] |||: "Ohhhh... well that means you could stop."
[08:53] |`: Ky "Not exactly. Or else we all just might get slaughtered."
[08:53] |||: "Well, they'd have to stop too. They'd all have to stop."
[08:59] |`: Ky "Why? There are always plenty of old deaths to fuel the fire. It's not so simple as all that."
[09:01] |||: "Why not? If it was long, long time ago... why not stop and do something else?"
[09:03] |`: Ky could only shrug. "Perhaps we are simply too used to it. And we really rather enjoy it, on some level."
[09:05] |||: "Then you aren't fighting because someone did something bad. It's just because you like it. That's... different, I guess."
[09:09] |`: Ky breaths out a long stream of smoke from the pipe, smirking a bit. "Not really. What other reasons are there for war? Honor, prizes, titles, being able to see your opponent down in the dust. Demons live only for pleasure, and all those things bring it."
[09:11] ^: some of us live for the pleasure of eating adn screwing. mew.
[09:14] |`: Ky blinks, then laughs, looking down at the cat. "Surprising little creature, aren't you. And demons live for those things as well, although one more than the other."
[09:16] ^: i'm too little. I eat what my elders feed me.
[09:17] * ||| The boy scritches Shade's ears. "We'll grow up some day."
[09:22] |`: Ky "Don't be in a hurry about it." He stands up then, tucking the book back away. "You'd best get back home, before I get too hungry myself."
[09:25] |||: "No, no hurry. We missed too much last time."
[09:26] ^: i'm not growing up until he does.
[09:34] |`: Ky gives a strange look back to the two of them, then just shakes his head. "Go home, boys."
[09:36] |||: "We are home." He smiles over his shoulder at Ky, still holding the kitten. "But we'll go back to the village, if it makes you feel better."